We love Jazz! Getting to know her and watch her blossom in not only her career as our Operations Manager but in her art! Jazz has been so generous with us by creating gorgeous and colorful murals on many of our walls within and around the Ashman Plaza AND within our community! Her work is beautiful, emotive and compelling. We love having her framed work on display this month and are looking forward to hosting a Meet & Greet on July 28 from 5:30-7:00pm

Here is a little interview we did with her, we hope this inspires & empowers you to try something new, create, explore and trust the process and enjoy life.

We all feel awkward at times… can you tell us about a time you felt particularly awkward & out of place?

I felt this alot growing up, not really knowing where I belonged. Finding myself, and learning to discover and then rediscover myself has been the only way for me to even feel comfortable in my own skin, therefor feel less out of place.

trust the process and enjoy this journey of life.
— Jazz Benitez

When did you first fall in love with Art and why?

I fell in love with art at a very young age. It was my first love I’d say. Rediscovering it when I lived with my parents for a year while navigating grief. This time really reminded me why it was always so important. It is the only space that I feel free to simply be me, no judgement, no barriers, just raw unashamed creation.


Who is your favorite artist?

I have many favorites. Its hard to choose one, and I think we can learn from so many. I think the artist I’ve starred at the most would have to be M. C. Escher. I remember sitting in english class just staring and trying to figure out how he was able to create these paradoxical pieces of art. It still amazes me.

What is your favorite thing to create?

I really like creating emotion. Abstraction lends to healing and discovery for the artist, and then transcends, becoming something completely different or similar for the viewer.

Tell us about the emotions you feel when creating?

I think its less about what one emotion I feel and more about being free to feel anything and everything.

What breaks your heart? What things would you like to make better in the world?

I think hopelessness breaks my heart. I really enjoy working with the youth because thats when I found myself hopeless, there is so much to take in, and so many changes happening. It can be hard to navigate new emotions and the inability to control them because of hormones and life.

How has art helped you to process pain, joy, & sorrow?

yes, it has been the one constant in my life. Ive struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, and it is the only time I can regulate and focus my emotions. I think as we all go through life and learn to process grief, sometimes I believe the only way to find peace in things is to create something, let the emotions over flow and become something new.

Do you think art can change the world?

Yes, it has the ability to transform lives & make our world a more beautiful place

In what ways has creative expression helped you learn new things?

It is a constant adjustment and a great metaphor for life. It is a reminder to trust the process and enjoy this journey of life. Things get messy, and don’t always look right but you have to see it through.

Do you have any advice you could give to a person trying their hand at art & desiring to explore their creative side?

attempt to tap into your inner child, allow yourself to have fun with it. don’t put pressure on making the end result, focus on the process of it.

attempt to tap into your inner child, allow yourself to have fun with it. don’t put pressure on making the end result, focus on the process of it.
— Jazzmyn Benitez