We love that every part of the coffee journey is so rich with beauty, design & functionality. From cherry to bean, bean to burlap bag, burlap bag to the roastery… coffee is as much about taste & comfort as it is about art.

We love the burlap bags that carry this precious cargo to our Roastery and decided it would be fun to repurpose the bags into something that could carry other valuable goods like books or produce from the Farmer’s Market

Our beautifully designed Market Bags are handmade by Aaron Deckrow’s (co-owner) beloved mother Karen.

Owner & operator of Marie Karen Designs, we love commissioning Karen (mom) for projects like these and also love her custom applique of our crewneck sweatshirts & beanies.

Sewing & creating are a part of our family DNA so it is an honor to be able to carry that tradition into Live Oak for our guests and community to enjoy.

Order one today and we will pass it on to “mom”. <3.

Market Bag