“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.”

— Ursula Kohaupt


In 2018, owners Renee’ & Aaron Deckrow had the honor of going to Mindo Ecuador while on a missions trip to help dig wells through a wonderful organization called Life Giving Water International.

They absolutely loved the richness of culture, the people they got to know and the having the opportunity to use their love of photography & videography to capture & share some of the beautiful sights.

While there, they also had the chance to go to a Chocolate factory. Here they were invited to participate in the art of chocolate making.

From Harvesting, Fermenting, Drying, Roasting, Cracking and Winnowing, Grinding & Conching, Tempering, Molding and finally Wrapping… chocolate is a labor of love & why it is one of the simplest & sweetest ways you can share your appreciation for the loved ones in your life.

It’s fact that the chocolates have a huge physiological and emotional effect on people. Giving chocolate is not just a sign of love but also given as ways to express delight, initiate desire, expresses your apologies and rekindle friendship, or even given just to simply uplift the mood as it’s a powerful mood enhancer.
— Britain Loves Baking

“Being welcomed into the Ecuadorian culture so genuinely and generously, reminded me once again what is truly important and what hospitality looks like. Inviting people into your space, sharing your resources, learning, laughing and loving make life sweet.”
— Renee’ Deckrow

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Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself.
— Sonja Blumenthal

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Whether you are enjoying different chocolates or coffees from around the world, here are some of the friends we have made and their joy-filled faces that represent lives impacted for good. Choosing fair trade products, donating your time, talents and resources to organizations like Life Giving Water International, are simple ways to Love Your Neighbors all over the world.

Beautiful people, working together to improve their health through clean drinking water. Something so simple that we can so often take for granted. Their joy and enthusiasm is contagious… the way they all worked to dig the trenches… the way they treated us like honored guests… it deeply moved me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to use my lens to capture their beautiful culture & community.”
— Renee’ Deckrow