We absolutely love this community. The Arc of Midland holds a special place in our hearts. We love the way they care for, advocate for, include and provide opportunities to so many of these beautiful friends. Over the summer of 2020, we had the honor and privilege of listening to incredible stories of resilience, bravery, hope and inspiration.

It is an honor to share excerpts of our photo interviews with you! Please share some love with the Arc community by waving hello, getting involved by volunteering at an event, or donating.

The Arc of Midland is a non-profit organization which promotes the general welfare of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and increases their presence, participation and inclusion in the community.
— The Arc of Midland

“Beauty is a wonderful tapestry embroidered by the many single threads woven together by the unspeakable tender hand of God.”

— Joseph Jacson K.

“I believe that we all reflect the imago Dei, that we have so much more in common than the things that make us different, that we are all worthy of love & belonging and that each of us has unique gifts, talents and a purpose. I love spending time listening to people’s stories. I love learning from how they navigated challenge, what they have learned in hardship, I love hearing about their dreams, what makes them laugh and what breaks their heart. Photo interviews are a sacred space where people welcome me in to that vulnerable space and allow themselves to be seen, honored, and admired. It is always my desire that these interviews would leave a mark on the person being interviewed as much as I am impacted. Photo interviews leave me forever changed by these generous offerings of wisdom, experience and authenticity that I am given and I am so grateful.”
— Renee’ Deckrow