Meet our lovely, beautiful, wise & strong Emmy. She came into our “house” as a guest and we lovingly tease that we loved her so much we asked her to work for us! We can’t wait for you to get to know her a bit better too!


And today is her 30th birthday!!! Today as we celebrate so many of her character qualities, her amazing hugs and her depth of wisdom… above all of these things, we celebrate her big beautiful & brave heart. It is wide, it is soft and it is full of empathy, grace and insights.

Emmy has a way of validating, affirming and sitting with you wherever you are. There is an expression that I heard this year that Emmy so beautifully embodies, “be willing to sit in the dark without rushing to turn on the lights when someone is hurting.” Emmy does this so well. She so gently and carefully makes spaces for others and invites them to be present, to know their worth and to be honest about feelings. We are so grateful for all the ways she enriches our lives and community. Emmy is a true friend and a treasure. Happy Birthday Emmy! We hope you know how loved you are, RD & Your LO Fam

“To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God. It is what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretense, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us.”
— Timothy Keller

Always up for a coffee chat…

Always up for a coffee chat…

Where are you from?

Michigan City, Indiana

What is your favorite Coffee Drink?

Medium – Dark roast w/ house-made Hazelnut syrup

What do you LOVE about Midland or Bay City?

I love that all ages can thrive in Midland. For kids: we have so many parks! Teenagers: Numerous pockets of town where you can walk around and hang out in multiple spots even without a divers license. College kids: We have three near-by community colleges to save on tuition by getting your errands done – you can save THOUSAND$. Young Adults: I actually moved here for the community. Even though I worked 40 minutes away, there was no young adult life community to be found – I tried for years. It was significantly more worthwhile to choose to live in my social community here and commit to a commute – haven’t regretted it for one minute! Grown Adults: eh, not at this life stage yet as much, but I’m guessing the golf courses? Tennis center? yes? Ok I’m losing steam because I can admit I don’t know what thriving looks like beyond 30 – but! beyond that, really, what more could you want with numerous excellent ice cream parlors?

How do you hope to make Midland a better community?

Being a space lovingly talk about hard things. Whether that’s faith, racial justice, social activism, mental health, personal worth, trauma, etc. I’m no expert and not yet certified, but I care about you a lot and want to help you find resources that bring you closer to peace and understanding if I can.

*snaps* amen, amen! -LO


What is an embarrassing moment you can laugh at?

In college I was sweetheart of a fraternity, and I would often use twitter when I was spending time with the guys – they were the BEST! So kind, so hospitable – anyone and everyone was always welcome and safe there. It was the early days of #hashtaging, and it had not yet occurred to me to capitalize the first letter of each word. Well, when you don’t capitalize the first letter, and there are no spaces, sometimes you can create different words just by spacing in different places. This fun fact did not work out in my favor. I still blush with embarrassment but I’m also laughing the whole time. Ask me what the hashtag was next time you come in, I still can’t bring myself to type it…


What is your favorite thing about Live Oak?

It reminds me of Central Perk & Luke’s. Daily people just pausing together in the passing of life.

pause, connect, create & grow…- LO

What do you do for fun?



Long walks and honest talks. Tennis & Volleyball. Read up on & unofficially coach others in enneagram! Starting Bible studies in fraternities and sororities at Central Michigan (no, seriously, ask me about it!) Belting out Hamilton lyrics that fill the whole Ashman Plaza when I’m closing up the shop. Laughing at puns – have you heard of puns? The one about the paper that split in two: tear-able.

We do love your quick wit! Thank you for keeping us laughing!-LO

What are you passionate about & what are some of your dreams?

I feel mildly about, almost nothing. I am passionate about people knowing their worth so securely that they are free to be fully compassionately honest always. (If I hear you being even remotely self-deprecating you’ll most likely hear me respond, “Don’t talk about my friend that way.”) One of my current dreams is to become a certified enneagram coach while I work on another dream of getting my masters in counseling to hopefully become a counselor on a college campus.

What is your favorite Charity and why?

EJI, Equal Justice Initiative (founded by Bryan Stevenson, author of book Just Mercy and leading lawyer in the feature film). There are a lot, a *lot* of hard and new conversations coming up about race and racism this past year, and they are hard but good. What I love about EJI is the scope of this organization: on a personal level they provide legal representation for those who have been unjustly arrested or sentenced; on a social level they create resources for education in the form of data reports, short films, discussion guides & educational tours; and on a societal level they are creating spaces and memorials to address the legacy of race in America. I’m grateful for this work and want to see it thrive because I believe it helps leads to more Americans’ fuller freedom.

We share a heart for this & it was a true honor to host July Coffee & Conversations with you. You are an incredible facilitator and your passion is palpable. Your personal convictions are inspiring & empowering. -LO

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become character.

So much wisdom.

So much wisdom.