We are so grateful for Daniel Terhune. Today marks 4 years that he has been with Live Oak. We could not be more thankful for his loyalty & leadership.

Not only does he fill any room he is in with laughter, he is an amazing leader & General Manager of all of our Live Oak endeavors. We have a joke around here when asked what Daniel does because it is more like what doesn’t he do? Daniel does “all the things”…. he can be found creating an amazing new recipe, fixing something, tending the coffee bar, roasting coffee, installing new wifi, helping a neighbor or just hanging out and giving someone a much needed listening ear. He embodies all that we desire Live Oak to be; community focused, strong, kind, approachable, helpful, calm & dependable. We are excited to highlight him and allow you to get to know him a little better too.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?


I’m a Michigander, born and raised. Born in Grand Rapids, I’ve lived in Ada, Saline, Tecumseh, Beaverton, Livonia and Midland. I have so many interests, I started community college my junior year of high school and changed my major about 7 times. I had enough credits for 3 associate’s degrees and finally decided to finish something, so I completed my bachelors degree in nutrition and food science. I’ve worked as a janitor, maintenance worker, tile setter, web designer, chef, nutrition director, nurse aide and so many more, but the thing that drove me in every role was to serve people. I now serve as the office manager at 4Word and the General Manager at Live Oak.

LO-We are so lucky to have your talents, insights and hard work. We are strong because of you!

What about your family?

My wife and I live in Midland with our awesome son Von & our eccentric rescue mutt, Toby. Most of our extended family lives in Michigan, but we have family in Chicago, South Korea, and Norway. Besides those legally called family, I have people I consider family in many more states and countries, as well as all around us in our community. Family is what you make it and I try my best every day to make my community my family.

LO-We LOVE your family! We are so grateful to get to share you with your amazing, beautiful, and generous wife & son.


Where have you put down roots?


After moving to Midland in 2013 from metro Detroit, I did not like living in what I considered a small town. Thankfully I got over my small mindedness, and began to get involved in the community and meet my neighbors. Midland has become home to me, and I love everything about it. To me, Midland is a unique community where I can meet and know people where they’re at, without it being uncomfortably small. Everywhere I go I know people, but I don’t know every detail about their life that they wish I didn’t like a truly small town. I don’t consider Midland a small town anymore, I consider it a close town. I’m close to a lot of people by design and I have the opportunity and privilege of becoming close to them in relationship as well.

LO-Your heart for community shows in everything you do. You embody, “love your neighbor”.

How many years have you lived in Midland?

6 years

I am passionate about people & service.

In what ways are you involved in our community?

Through work I am involved with many businesses and nonprofit organizations. I work with many folks from the Open Door and Caregiving Network in providing job skills training and coaching. At 4Word I am always searching for gaps in services and care in the community that are often unseen, or are too small for bigger organizations to concern themselves with. I’m more interested in long-term relationships and caring for individuals than I am in checking boxes, which is sometimes very challenging, but is something I am very grateful 4Word allows for.

I try to be involved and connected in as many ways as possible in the community and I am always searching for more ways to do so. I love connecting, promoting and encouraging people and organizations. 

LO- the way you cheer others on and support so many organizations is inspiring.

We also appreciate how you continue to inspire hospitality everywhere you go. If you haven’t checked out Daniel’s Notes from the Kitchen tips, click here: Hospitality Made Simple

How do you want to change or improve Midland?

I want to help people understand that change and improvement doesn’t come from me, or from them alone. I want to help people understand the true change that comes only from the transformational power of the Good News, and to experience the encouragement and growth that comes from living in a community of people that love them. I want people to be known. I say that the best and safest place to be is to be known. We too often believe we are the only ones going through something, facing challenges; that no one understands us, or that nobody cares about us. I strive to work every day at 4Word, Live Oak, in my neighborhood, and in my home to prove that those thoughts are completely wrong. I am far from achieving this goal daily, but it’s still my goal.


A day without laughter is a day wasted.

— Charlie Chaplin

What are your dreams?


I want to help everyone in our community as a whole


 What are you passionate about?

People and service. 

LO- this shows.

 What is your favorite Quote?

A day without laughter is a day wasted. -Charlie Chaplin

LO- from the beginning of Live Oak, you lighten the mood in every situation. Your sense of humor is a gift we cherish.


Thank you for all you do and all you are. We are grateful every day for you.