What is your name?

Rachel Hill

Where are you from?

Midland -RH

What is your favorite Coffee Drink?

White Chocolate Matcha with Coconut milk-RH


What do you LOVE about Midland or Bay City?

I love how we take care of each other and look out for everyone. Midland sometimes feels like a big family. -RH

We agree, it is such a great community! -LO

How do you hope to make Midland a better community?

I hope to help with making affordable housing more available to our community someday. -RH

A very noble & important goal-LO


What we have learned from Rachel:

Don’t take yourself too seriously and make room for laughter and joy in your life.

What is an embarrassing moment you can laugh at?

At river days 2019, I got face paint to look like David Bowie. Then I got a call from my mom; she needed me to run some errands. I had to get groceries and go into stores looking like a rock and roll clown. -RH

Lol, that IS funny!-LO

What is your favorite thing about Live Oak?

I live how personal live Oak is. When i came in as a customer, it felt like i was hanging out in my own living room. -RH

Ahh… we love that… our desire is that everyone feels welcome and wanted in our community living room!-LO

What do you do for fun?

Other than hanging out with friends, I enjoy making music and reading.-RH

You are such a gifted musician! We have loved the times you have performed for us! Thank you! -LO

What are you passionate about & what are some of your dreams?


I’m finally fulfilling my dream of going to law school this fall. I will be going to William and Mary in Virginia to eventually become a lawyer. I want to work in family law or civil rights litigation. I hope I can make a difference in our country and make it a better place for everyone. -RH

You are so awesome Rachel…. we are so very excited for you to begin the next chapter in your journey. You will do big and great things and we will be right here cheering you on! -LO

What is your favorite Charity and why?

I’m not quite sure if it counts as a charity. But I love the nonprofit work of UNICEF. they have dramatically reduced childhood illness, hunger and even death within just the last 20 years. It’s a real testament of the international community coming together to help the little ones and its beautiful.-RH

Surely, it counts! Teamwork makes the dreamwork. It is beautiful to see collaboration and intentionality in helping the most vulnerable among us. -LO

Rachel, thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for gifting us with your joy, laughter, witty sense of humor and service over the past couple of years. We are so grateful that we got to know you during this stop on your journey and will be here when you come back to visit, ready to listen about your latest adventure. We appreciate you. We thank you. We love you.- Your Live Oak Fam