Live Oak brews coffee, Live Oak serves coffee.

Now Live Oak roasts coffee.

We take growth and development very seriously, that’s why the image of the Live Oak is so dear to our hearts and why it’s in our name. With each season we push forward to add another growth ring or two, to grow stronger and healthier as a company, so we can welcome and care for more people.

What’s the plan?


We want to serve our customers, our staff, and our community as best we can. That means we want to grow and employ as many neighbors as we can, serve as many neighbors as we can, and be the best neighbors that we can be. This is in part, what motivates us to support and sponsor so many community events, create jobs, create opportunities to connect, and so much more. We believe there’s always room at the table and roasting is one way we are making our table longer.

Why coffee?

Coffee is one of the most universally enjoyed beverages in the world. There’s something very special and comforting about a cup of coffee, no matter where you are in the world or in life.

Why roast?

Roasting is an important step in the coffee-making process. Roasting is an opportunity for us to train and grow staff, employ more people, and so much more.

Why change?

We’ve had roasting partners since day one, with the plan to start roasting ourselves when the time was right.

Why grow?

There are a little over 2000 coffee roasters currently operating in America, both big and small. We believe the food and coffee industry always has room to grow.

-Daniel Terhune, Live Oak Coffeehouse General Manager