As the Live Oak team, we are community builders. That’s our mission. Whether it’s around food, coffee, art, business, or games; we desire to create and nurture safe & inspiring spaces where people can connect, create, dream and grow.

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Our roots are going deeper as we add rings, stretch out our arms and grow with each passing year…


We have dreamed of branching out and roasting our own coffee since our beginning. Our partnership with Creation Coffee has been wonderful and we will continue to bring you their amazing coffee.

We are so grateful for all of your love & support that has allowed us to thrive.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

We love to help people discover and connect to their dreams. We are thrilled to announce our Coffee Roaster Sean Bartley, under the leadership of our amazing General Manager, Daniel Terhune. Sean has served so many Live Oak guests over the years with his amazing coffee knowledge, latte art and friendliness as Barista and Uptown’s Manager. We are so honored to see him fulfill a long time dream and we are so excited to enjoy the many coffees he plans to develop for Live Oak.

Here are Sean’s own words to describe the heart behind his dream:

Like Coffee, Love People


The most important thing about coffee for me is how well it brings people together. The bean to cup story is something that really inspires me daily. Real people, real families, real passion and commitment. Why did we decide to roast coffee? We know there are other amazing coffee roasters in the area that do an amazing job, but roasting coffee is just another chapter in the Live Oak journey. Like coffee, LOVE people. Our commitment to people is always first. With Live Oak Coffee Roasters, we have an amazing opportunity to teach and lead a whole new group of dreamers and leaders not only in coffee, but in leadership and community service. As we begin this journey, we are excited to have you right there next to us. We want to include the community in public cuppings, direct feedback on different roasts, and our new offerings ect. This is for you. Comfort and warmth are the inspiration and driving force for me personally when coming up with and developing roast profiles going into the new year. Live Oak Coffee Roasters plans to offer coffee from all over the world, roasted in-house within the Ashman Plaza.

This all starts with our “Good Cheer Blend”

Good Cheer is a labor of love for me. I have personally learned, failed, and seen improvement in the process of developing our first blend. With a small scale roaster, very little space, and a massive passion for good coffee. Good cheer is a blend of African and South American coffee, roasted light-medium to bring out notes of the holiday spices and flavors we all love this time of year. I really hope you enjoy this first crack.” – Sean