Two Years ago on September 28, 2016 we wrote:

”It is our plan to create a welcoming, warm & inspiring place of gathering for the dreamers & doers. The weary. The celebratory. The thinkers. The comedians. The students. The leaders. The industrious & creative. The ambitious. The musicians & the artists. The nurturers & the teachers. Our friends & our community.”


Adding to this list today, we welcome more friends to this community. The happy & the sad. The wandering & the focused. The broken & the recovering. The hopeless & the hopeful.

All of us are welcome here <3, this is our place.

Where there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present. -John Maxwell

Our dream for the Ashman Plaza continues to grow as we welcome new friends, new businesses and new services. We believe we are all uniquely here to make the world a better place and we know that the path to finding that purpose can be exciting, challenging, adventurous and even sometimes lonely. So we welcome anyone who desires the camaraderie of community to explore that new business idea, to work through struggles, to develop a new skill, to take a break or to simply share laughter with friends.

Dreams take time and patience… failures and successes… sometimes the dream feels so far in the distance but then all of a sudden things begin to come into focus. That’s where we are at… while still in the middle of building the dream many parts of the big picture are becoming more and more clear.

We are shifting and moving things around to expand our community of dreamers & doers. In order to do this we are officially making the Makers Room of Captured Community a part of Live Oak and opening it to more teachers, businesses and dreamers who want to bring us workshops, talks, crafting classes and pop ups.

The amazing businesses and organizations that make the Ashman Plaza such an inspiring and awesome place to be will continue to offer Arts & Crafts instruction through Parker Lane Design Studio, professional counseling through Haven Counseling, Spa Services through both Amy’s on Ashman and The Eye Loft. Retail therapy through Redeemed Marketplace. Jobs for Life classes through 4Word will continue to grow & expand opportunities for more community involvement. Play by Little Midland. Food Trucks and the Pizza Baker keep us all fueled & ready to be productive & creative. Jazzercise offers us a chance to meet our fitness goals and My Oxygen meets the needs of our community so practically.

Additionally, some new ideas & offerings we have coming to our community are American Sign Language classes, MEND support group meetings, Pop-Up dining and Retail options, BRAVEtalks on how to help loved ones struggling with depression, soul care workshops, business coaching, & Enneagram workshops.

Many of the Studios & Rooms in the Ashman Plaza are available to rent as well. It is a great time to be a budding entrepreneur where collaboration and community over competition flourishes.

If you have an idea, a hobby you would like to explore, something you are passionate about, something that breaks your heart or a problem you want to solve in the world and want to create a business or need help accomplishing it, we have a list of mentors and an amazing business coach in Incuba8 we would love to connect you to. We would love our “Dream Center” to become your place to pause, connect, create and grow.

“Imagination means nothing without doing.”
― Charlie Chaplin