One of the greatest joys of Live Oak is the way it has allowed us to meet new people all of the time!  What I keep discovering over and over is how amazing people are. 

A favorite question of mine by Andy Stanley is: “What breaks your heart? –Someone whose heart was so broken over an issue, someone whose heart was so broken over what was happening in their community, their school system, their city, their community, their world, that they decided something has to be done and they decided not to take no for an answer, that this is an extremely important question for all of you. What breaks your heart?”

I had the chance to spend some time yesterday afternoon talking with Barb Smith and Maryssa Lyons.  We talked… we cried… we shared our burdens and desire to make a difference where we can.  

Finding Purpose in the Pain… is the tagline of Barb Smith’s organization she founded nearly three decades ago, Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network.  Barb & her team set out to do this every day.  Their organization works to bring awareness, support, prevention through community and healing.  And in just the short time we talked, Barb’s compassion and gentleness poured out… I know she is making a difference every day by walking with those that are hurting.

In just a couple of weeks, they will be doing Walk for Hope.  This 5Kwalk/run is a family -friendly event  on the beautiful grounds of Northwood Unversity and surrounding area.  This event is intended to raise awareness and funds to bring programs that will bring awareness to  decrease suicides and increase help seeking behavior. Live music, light foods, activities, resource tables and a beautiful route.  Here Barb & Maryssa tell us a little about their organization:  https://www.facebook.com/liveoakcoffeehouse/videos/1010323085816525/

If this is something that breaks your heart and something you would like to help with but you don’t know how… maybe this could be a way to start.  Friends, we need each other… we are all in this together.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”― Mother Teresa