We Love People… and care for people by taking care of the earth we all love and depend on. We believe that wasting less is a beautiful way to show appreciation and respect for what we’ve been given. That’s why we are proud to be partners with Midland Recyclers and Square Roots Composting; two awesome organizations that are helping us work toward our goal of responsible & intentional care of our resources. Composting our coffee grounds and food waste, and recycling our cardboard and plastics are small ways we can make a difference.

About our partners: Midland Recyclers is a nonprofit organization that has been working to make our community and world a better place since 1987. Besides operating the recycling center here in Midland, they provide business recycling, educational programs, and so much more! Learn more about this great organization at midlandrecyclers.org read an excerpt from their website below:


Midland Recyclers Mission:

To educate the community on resource conservation through waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.  To conserve resources by giving residents and businesses an opportunity to recycle by operating the Midland Recyclers Center where materials are accepted and processed.  This includes many materials not accepted by other programs.  To provide volunteer and work experience opportunities to individuals of all ages and abilities.  To offer cost efficient waste reduction and document destruction options to residents and small businesses.




Square Roots is a Midland-based composting company working hard to eliminate waste and enrich our environment. Square Roots provides food waste pickup services for anyone in the area, using several natural composting methods to turn our food waste into nutrient-rich natural compost to improve soil health for your plants and gardens. See how you too can get involved, at  read an excerpt from their website below:

Square Roots

SquareRoots food-waste pickup and compost service is a family-owned company in Midland, Michigan that integrates our personal experience with composting, recycling, natural farming and resource conservation.  Over the years, we have developed numerous environmentally sound methods of resource conservation utilizing composting, vermicomposting, bokashi and organic gardening into a set of services that produce sustainable, efficient and measurable results. Bringing our years of experience to the community, we want to share what we’ve learned along the way and enable you to become better acquainted with sustainable, environmentally-efficient living.

SquareRoots unique service enables you to be proactive in making Earth healthier by keeping energy-rich food material out of the landfill and putting it back into lush, green, growing plants.

Perhaps you would love to compost, but lack the time, expertise or the space to do so. Our convenient pickup service empowers you to be environmentally responsible without all the hassle!