We have the most amazing team of Baristas ready to get to know you & serve your favorite drink!  Here are a few fun facts about Barista Elise, Dr. Elise actually… (so impressive we know) Elise is a brilliant Egyptologist and we are lucky to have her work for us as a side hustle:

Tell us where you are from:

Freeland, MI

What is your favorite Coffee Drink?

Kombucha (it’s true, she drinks like 4 a shift says teammate Ellexa ;))

What do you LOVE about Midland?

Live Oak,  (awe shucks 😉 we love you too Elise)

How do you hope to make Midland a better community?

Keep its denizens caffeinated (& laughing… Elise has a great sense of humor and often keeps us snorting as we try and sip our coffee while reading her FB posts)

What is an embarrassing moment you can laugh at?

Instead of telling a customer a “You’re welcome. Have a wonderful day”, I said “You’re wonderful!” We both blushed.  (ha, been there)

What is your favorite thing about Live Oak?

The team members— (hear hear, truth!  we do have the best team <3)

What do you do for fun?

Read hieroglyphs (but seriously….really?!  so cool)

What are you passionate about & what are some of your dreams?

Travel. I want to hike the Transcaucasian trail.  (so cool  in case you need to google it too 😉 https://transcaucasiantrail.org/en/home/)

What is your favorite Charity and why?

The human society! I love animals. (especially cats right? ;))