The Midland Center for the Arts

We had the pleasure of “Coffeeblitzing” our Center this past week. It was such a fun time exploring all of the amazing things the Center has to offer for young families. From the Mazes & Brain Games Exhibit to the Spark Lab and the newly designed preschool play area, there were fun sights to be seen all around!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing place to play, learn and create memories.

And it’s only a mile down the road from us! To top it off, while talking with our lovely tour guides, they told us about a great initiative they participate with called…

Museums for All.

Museums for All is a way to broaden a museum’s visitor base, and reach out to underserved communities. A museum visit can inspire the development of new skills and interests, ignite creativity and enrich social connections. Museums for All will help expand access to museums and also raise public awareness about how museums in the U.S. are reaching their entire communities. By removing the financial barrier, Museums for All also removes the social and academic barrier families face when they are not exposed to high quality museum experiences.

Approachability and accessibility are values we are passionate about and we were so glad to hear about this awesome program.

Be sure to take some time to explore all of the wonderful offerings OUR Center for the Arts has for OUR awesome community.