Live Oak of Midland | Heidi Shearer

I first met Heidi 17 years ago in the basement of Grove Street Church. She and I were both there for a Mommy & Me playgroup. We have run into each other only a couple of times in Midland over the past 17 years… it wasn’t until the opening of Live Oak that we officially reconnected. I call her one of my treasures from the Oak.

Since reconnecting Heidi has become not only a great friend, encourager, client, comrade in business, but a coach to us! We have been so incredibly blessed to have her facilitate Team Building through John Maxwell’s Leadership Game. We have also been able to attend her Live to Lead simulcasts and highly recommend attending if your schedules allow.

Recently we attended Live to Lead and while listening to Tyler Perry’s story, I couldn’t hold back the tears. His story is so inspirational and he quoted the scripture, “don’t despise the day of small beginnings” and then followed it by saying, “acorns become trees you know”

Often the road to achieving our dreams is windy… uphill both ways… and can feel like nothing is happening… but don’t give up. Don’t lose heart… those seeds you have been planting… all of the acorns you have dropped along your journey… will grow into trees.

“don’t despise the day of small beginnings, acorns become trees you know”
— Tyler Perry

If anyone knows the endurance it takes to be an entrepreneur, it is my beautiful friend Heidi. She and her husband have been building their company for 22 years. She has remained faithful and stayed the course in spite of delays in her full vision and dream for her businesses becoming fulfilled.

Heidi holds aBachelors of Science in International Business, Central Michigan University, Certificate of Analytical Psychology from the Carl Jung Institute, Kusnacht, Switzerland, Masters of Social Work, University of Michigan, Nutrilite Brand Ambassador, Buena Park, California, Certified John C. Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer, Coach, & Facilitator of Maxwell Leadership Game, 200 hours of continuing education credits from the Institute for Brain Potential- post Masters degree training

Pretty impressive right?

I asked Heidi to share a little more about her entrepreneurial journey and this was her answer:

For the past 22 years I have been an entrepreneur with my husband Bill.  We have been independent business owners with URAssociation out of Leesburg, VA, and Amway Global out of Grand Rapids.  As a by-product of decades of leadership development as an entrepreneur, I have expanded my reach by becoming a Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Trainer & Coach.  This has opened up an arena for me to serve others who are on the leadership or entrepreneur journey.

What about your family?

My husband and I are one of the most unlikely couples to meet and be joyfully wed for 22 years.  We met while I was attempting to be a college intern with Dow Chemical in Europe. Bill was the Controller of Europe at the time and the person who needed to hire me and bring me over to Europe in the accounting department.  In 1990 I was the first and only (as far as I know) college student to work in Switzerland as an intern. It wasn’t until years later that Bill and I explored the idea of marriage and confirmed that we were meant to be husband and wife ‘till death do us part.’  This is important because Bill is 23 years older than I am. We didn’t know what sickness or health, better or worse could look like for us. We determined we were all in for as long as we had together. Dow transferred Bill to Midland in 1995. We were married on January 20, 1996.  Bill brought to our marriage 2 grown children and a daughter in law. In 1998 I became a grandmother which was the year before I became a mother. After 2 miscarriages, we were blessed with our first child, Abigail. Three years later Addison (a boy) was born.

How many years have you lived in Midland

Since 1995!

In what ways are you involved in our community?

Community Involvement: Junior Achievement Board Member 1998, Chamber Ambassador 1997-99, active parent at Midland Christian School, Junior Women’s League of Saginaw Valley, co-organizer of the National Day of Prayer for Midland 2000- 2002, brought John D. Beckett, author of ‘Loving Monday’ to Midland for Prayer breakfast in 2002, church involvement Midland Evangelical Free Church, taught Optimal Health seminars, spoke for Stonecroft Ministries in 1994, taught a women’s class at North Point Ministries, and a John C. Maxwell Leadership class at Christian Celebration Center.

More is possible. Don’t settle.

How do you want to change or improve Midland?

Provide an environment where young people can gather and find purpose in addition to church.  I hear so often young people say there isn’t much to do in Midland. I want to create an enterprise that enables and inspires young people to know they have a purpose and more is possible.  To create a ‘growth environment’ for them to thrive. It has to have fun and energy. I don’t need to have fun. Growing and learning IS my fun! 😉

What do you need or want from your community?

Open mindedness.  The greatest challenge Bill and I have had over the years is an underlying prejudice that people have towards our business model in the Direct Selling Industry.  We have felt judged and ‘pigeon holed’ by who they ‘think we are’ and ‘what we do.’ This tool of business has been the best thing that has happened to us outside of our church family.  Those who really get to know us and don’t judge us, see the quality of what has been cultivated in us. Outstanding association with leaders and great books have impacted 10’s of thousands of households and family legacies.  I would want to say, give us a chance. Come with an open mind. Don’t let a preconceived idea from someone else stop you from creating something that has the power to change your life and entire family legacy. More is possible!

What are your dreams?

In many ways Bill and I feel that we have experienced years of a desert experience in business.  We had 7 years of growth, then a major plateau. We have been pregnant with dreams of building a successful ‘family legacy based business’ and bringing to our area what the Devoses and Crowes have modeled for us.  We desperately want to replicate a winning business team where families can build together and impact a 1000 households with principles rooted in Truth. We have been the by-product of this mindset and have witnessed this happen for 1000’s of others.

  1. Rich Devos taught me that ‘Compassionate Capitalism’ is a beautiful thing and can change the world.  Therefore, I want to become a globally successful business person with my husband and family.

  2. Speak on behalf of God and His Word in this generation. To help people fall in love with the Glory of God and the transformative power of His Word.  

  3. Live in Petoskey for most of the summer.  Use our home and resources up there to bring family and friends together for fellowship and fun.  

  4. HQWellness would be an instrument used to teach principles of wellness in all areas of your life rooted in the Word of God.  Be a resource that 3 generations can trust- grandparents, the kids and grandkids.

  5. Create a Family Legacy Game. (AND SHE DID IT! Check it out!)

  6. Write the book, “The Gifts Hidden in the Unexpeteds”

You need to have a ‘Growth Mindset’

What are you passionate about?

Truth.  I know what it was like to wander, be mentally insecure, feel unloved and feel no hope.  To know that More is possible with God. It’s not a prosperity Gospel; it’s the Gospel! Jesus really is the hope of the world!  His ways are right, true and good. He does know what is best.

  1. Creation.  God IS the creator.  Knowing this fact has ramifications for every aspect of our existence.

  2. Family and the next generation.  Keeping families together is not an easy calling.  It takes intentional work and the cooperation and forgiveness of all involved.  

  3. Health. For many years I was very ill.  Through prayer God has taught me many ways to wellness.  There are principles to know and implement. There is no guarantee but much we can do for our good.

  4. I want to have a family ministry helping take Truth around the world.  Provide clean water whenever possible and to help ministries that set true modern day captives/slaves free.  

What breaks your heart?

When people don’t know the right way to go and continue in pain and unfulfilled lives of desperation.  

How have the winds of life made you stronger?

Our son was born with a genetic condition called Neurofibromitosis-NFM1.  This made the first 10 years of his life the hardest of mine. If it were not for the grace of God and my husband, I would have become an alcoholic or drug taker to sedate me from the intense stress that was unrelenting in our home for a decade.

Being an entrepreneur has opened up my world to the greatest winds of adversity.  We love it. It has brought out in us an inner resolve and a definitive Growth Mindset.  

Will you share more of your faith story with us?

I was saved at 8 years old during a neighborhood kids Bible Study lead by Mrs. Bridgewater.  Years following my conversion were spent half with Jesus and half in the world. The real revelation and freedom in Christ came in 1993.  After years of counseling for an eating disorder, time in L.A. searching for healing through ‘New Age’ philosophies, time at the Carl Jung Institute in search of peace, I finally found the healing, peace, joy and freedom through the Freedom In Christ Ministries and the books Bondage Breaker and Victory Over Darkness.  

The Truths in those 2 books brought me face to face with Jesus and the healing power of His Word in the Bible.  Bill and I were baptized together in September 1996 after both being baptized as infants. The transformation has been continual and affecting every area of my life.  I am truly a new creation in Christ Jesus! People who knew me from my 20’s & 30’s wouldn’t believe that I am the same woman. I have a daily intimate relationship with Jesus and His Word.

 Where do you get your grounding?

No question, the Word of God.

My inner circle of people who love God, His Word and always give me wise counsel.  

Finally, do you have a favorite quote or Scripture you could leave us with?

John 15 It is the blueprint for a life that is meant to be ‘profoundly effective.’ Psalm 1, and Jeremiah 17:5-10

Most recently In the area of our business and working with people on creating additional income streams, “the rules can change at any point in time (with your employment) and it’s usually never in your favor.”  This actually just happened in our own household. One day the rules changed (they had to change) and the change meant no more job for my husband.


Thank you so much Heidi for sharing your story. Your story inspires us to keep persevering, to hold on to truth, to live in community and to think differently. And we will take your advice below… 🙂

take your vitamins, drink more water, read your Bible, pray, get sleep, get off your phone, guard your words