We sure have loved getting to know Anna! Diligent, dependable, kind-hearted, altruistic, musically talented, AND super smart, she has been such a blessing to Live Oak. She is one of the behind the scenes heroes around here! With so many house-made recipes, her skill, attention to details and hard work & patience are greatly appreciated. We are also so proud to watch her contributions in our community and loved reading a feature about her in the Midland Daily News recently. Anna, we appreciate all you do and look forward to watching you thrive here.

Where are you from?

Down south from Austin, Texas.

What is your favorite Coffee Drink?

Hazelnut soy latte!


What do you LOVE about Midland or Bay City?

The closeness of people always makes me smile. It’s a small enough city that people, even strangers, can get to know you and become a familiar face. The slower pace of town makes it so that you can stop and catch up with a friend, take a leisurely break and go for a walk, or really spend time with your neighbors. Moving from one of the biggest cities in America, it’s a pleasant change. Austin is ever-growing and changing at such a speed that the local culture is being eroded, and it’s harder to make meaningful connections with people. Texas will always be my home, but I’ve found a new little home in Midland as well.

Agreed… one of our favorite things about Midland as well! -LO

How do you hope to make Midland a better community?

I live by the idea of “random acts of kindness” – whether I’m at work going the extra mile for a friendly customer, delivering food for my neighborhood on a whim, or helping a stranger with groceries. You feel so much happier as a person knowing that you’ve made a positive impact on someone’s day. Practicing that here is special, and doable because of the size of Midland. I want my neighbors and peers to see me as someone they can always rely on: whether that means they need someone to talk to, vent at, get music suggestions, cry with, or absolutely anything else within my power.

Anna, these are the things that make you so amazing! -LO


What is an embarrassing moment you can laugh at?

When I was in the eighth grade, I left a lengthy, sappy poem written on red and pink paper on this boy’s locker on Valentine’s Day. I tried to be sneaky with it and get it on before school started, but everyone knew it was me. He took it off about half an hour later and I was absolutely mortified. Even my teachers got a laugh out of it. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to do that at a tiny school where everyone knows it handwriting.

oh man, that is a sweet story… -LO

What is your favorite thing about Live Oak?

The people, without a doubt. My coworkers are the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t ask for a better team. I’ve worked some places that I couldn’t stand because the people were cold and harsh, and Live Oak is the exact opposite case. The folks that come in and talk for a few minutes or sit down are big parts of my day. Our regulars and one-time customers are always happy to be here and that warms my heart. Live Oak is just a welcoming place, somewhere I really feel I can be my true self.

this warms our hearts to hear-LO

What is your favorite quote, saying or scripture?

Rom 13:12 – “The night is nearly over, the day is almost here. So let us cast aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light”

What do you do for fun?

Music is a central force in my life. I’m a classically trained cellist, and I’ve been playing since I was 11. The thought that I can play pieces on my cello from 1700 is mesmerizing, not to mention how amazing it feels. I teach music on the side, giving mostly virtual lessons. I’ve taught a lot but perhaps I’ve learned even more. If I have the day off, I’ll sit in my living room and just play for hours. It’s the perfect way to unwind and let out how you feel, but also improve your skill. Creativity & the arts are of paramount importance to me, so I love to write whenever I can, and paint whatever I feel like. Any way I can express myself through craft is how I spend most of my free time when I’m not with my loved ones.

yes!! so beautifully said -LO


What are you passionate about & what are some of your dreams?

I absolutely love history, it’s my number one passion and I plan to author some books on it in the future. My favorite subjects are 19th century US history, ancient Western civilization and language, Latin American revolutionary history, and the classical periods of East Asia. I will never get bored of learning about it and hopefully I will be able to educate others. Apart from always sticking my nose in books, I’m very passionate about playing music, hiking and spending time outdoors, cooking, Jesus, my friends and family, and old-time outlaw country.

What is your favorite Charity and why?

The Catholic Church. It’s the longest-running institution of spiritual and social work. We operate hospitals, clinics, schools, homes for children, women and the elderly, we spread the Gospel and welcome anyone who asks, we save lives and provide social services to people from all walks of life. Never have I met a more generous group that would give everything they have to help their neighbor.

beautiful Anna… we love your heart- LO


“The night is nearly over, the day is almost here. So let us cast aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light”